Monday, May 27, 2013

Father's Day Breakfast

Happy Memorial Day!  I hope that everyone is have a blessed and safe weekend.  I am at school getting ready for tomorrow tie-dying extravaganza and for our Father's Day breakfast.  I had the moms come in for breakfast a couple of weeks ago, and I was thrilled to find Jodi's (from Fun in First) conversation starters from to put on the table that morning.  If you didn't find them, click here and save them for next year!  They were awesome.  I decided to remake them for the Father's Day breakfast tomorrow, because the kids and parents loved them so much.  Hopefully some of you will find them just as useful as I found the Mother's Day version to be!  You just cut the questions out and put them inside a paper sack.  Then you make the Dad, I mustache you a question tags and glue them to the outside of the sack.  Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!

My breakfast celebration is short and sweet.  We already eat breakfast in the classroom each morning, so I just buy some yummy breakfast goods like donuts and kolaches and the dads can come and go during our regular breakfast time.  They sit and eat with their kiddo and this year they will be able to use the fabulous conversation starters while they eat.  We also made a little picture last week to give to them.  I took pictures of all the kids, and then glued them to cardboard rectangles.  The kids did Q-tip painting for Q day around the pictures, and then they glued on some rocks that I bought at Wal-Mart.  On the back we glued a small paper that says Dad, you rock!  They turned out really cute, and they were super easy. 


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    1. Thank you. The credit definitely goes to Jodi, but I loved them too. The students really loved them, and some of the kids whose dad didn't showed up asked each other the quesitons. Too cute!