Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Google Docs Help and Some Halloween Freebies

Hey there, readers...if you are even out there.  :)  My students are loving my Halloween math tub activities.  Here is a picture of them using them today.  Makes my heart happy.  Also, my student teacher was being observed by her university supervisor while they were doing them today, and he said, "That's really cool.  I like that."  (Y'all...I didn't even have to pay him to say that.)  

I do have a student teacher right now, but don't worry.  I have not been slacking.  I have been a busy bee today printing out Cara Carroll's Let's Give Thanks unit, laminating, and cutting all the pieces.  It took a while,  but look!  They're done, and they're fabulous!  I can't wait to give these to my firsties next week.

Meanwhile, I am having a difficult time with Google docs.  I keep trying to upload files, and they WILL.NOT.UPLOAD.  Shouty caps are necessary because seriously...WHYYYYYY?  I have updated the browser to Google chrome as suggested, but still nothing.  Any advice?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  

Anywho...I made a cute Halloween roll and cover dice game that I was going to use Google docs to share, but instead I am uploading it to my TpT store.  

You can pick yours up here for FREE!  Please ignore that the title is incorrect in my picture.  I changed plan midway, and printed these out before I realized that I hadn't fixed the title yet.  It is correct in the file you can download.  It's just a quick dice game I made, because we are working on our fact fluency.  Currently, our firsties are working on adding 0 or 1.  I will give them a big giant foam die (cause those are just more fun) and one of the game boards.  They will roll the die, add 1, and cover the sum with a counter.  I'm going to have them play in groups, and the first group to cover all the numbers will be the winners.  Easy and fun!

Another math idea I made up really quickly for tomorrow is my Bat Fact Family.  Isn't he cute.  This was the only document I could upload to google docs, but I think there might be some extra blank pages.  I don't know y'all.  It's just not working for me today.  Anyway, you can get the template to make yours if you click on the picture.  Enjoy the freebies, and have a Happy Halloween!

Okay, just one more quick picture.  This is my daughter as a cave woman...isn't she precious!?!  I told her that cave women didn't smile.  So, this is the look I got.  :)