Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas in November

I am SOOOOO excited!!! It's like Christmas in November around here.  This came in the mail today.

Are you feeling me on this, people.  It's two, count 'em two, brand new Pete the Cat books and a Pete the Cat plush doll.  EEEEeeeekkkkk!!  I am so excited.  And to top it all off a brand new Junie B.  Where have you been, Barbara Park?  We have been waiting for you to get  a new one out.  

Also, yesterday I got the email with my Scrappin Doodles button that I ordered that lets me give away freebies on my blog.  Yippee!  I only had time to make a quick little thing today, but there is definitely more to come.  I made these cutie gift tags to put on some thank you gifts.  And...good news.  I was able to upload files to Google Docs today.  I don't know what changed, and I'm not gonna question it.  Click on the pic for your free copy.  

Here are some pictures of yesterday's Halloween festivities in my classroom.  We had so much fun.   I saw a cute multiplication memory game on Pinterest using Hershey's kisses, so we just modified it for addition.  My firsties loved it!!!  Also, we learned about adjectives, and then we observed a pumpkin.  We made a giant list of adjectives to describe the outside and inside of the pumpkin.  Then the kids wrote some adjectives on paper pumpkin die cuts, glued them to an orange sentence strip, and voila!  A Halloween Hat!  You can see it on on of my students in the first picture.  What did y'all do to celebrate Halloween?