Sunday, February 17, 2013

Presidents' Day Freebie and St. Patrick's Day Mystery Pictures

It has been forever since I have had time to sit down and create.  I hate that!  We have been having tons of fun though.  We had our 100th day of school and our Valentine's Day party.  Probably my two favorite days of the entire year.  I just love February!  Here are some pictures of our fun times  Some of us dressed up like 100-year-olds...the most precious thing ever!!!  

The kids made 100th day hats and glasses and made a 100 fruit loop necklace.  I have NEVER heard my room so quiet as when they started making that necklace.  They were dead silent...seriously...they were crickets-chirping-I-can-hear-the-clock-ticking quiet.  Can-we-make-a-fruit-loop-necklace-everyday kind of quiet. ;)

Last for Valentine's week we made these precious Mr. Valentine craft in our follow directions center. We make him every year, and I love him so!

I have really enjoyed reading all the other bloggers in the meantime and getting fresh ideas and new products of course!  In lieu of Presidents' Day this week, I created this little roll and graph activity for my math tubs.  Some students are still needing to master the skill of creating and interpreting a graph.  Our curriculum has them create a graph independently including the labels, title, numbers, and colors.  The students then have to be able to read the graph and write comparative statements about it.  They are only required to do a three-item graph, so that is why my die has two each of three different images.  Because I put it in math tubs, I only make one die, and they share.  Sooooo it's super easy to print and make.  I included a black-and-white die in case you don't want to use colored ink.  Click on the preview image below to download yourself a free copy if you can use it too.

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Also, I finished my packet of mystery pictures for St. Patrick's Day.  You can get these seven mystery pictures in my TpT here or by clicking the picture for only $1.00.  My students love them, and they are always trying to guess what they are going to be before they even start coloring.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Freebie: Spin and Add February Style

I'm just so excited that it's Friday, y'all.  The weeks are getting longer, but I know it will be summer before I know it.  For now, I am just going to bask in the glory of all things pink and Valentine-licious.  I just love February!  We are always trying to make games and activities for our firsties to practice their math facts, and so I created this little guy here for my favorite month!  It's a spin and add game.  Simple...they just spin and add.  :)  Spin the first spinner with a pencil and a paper clip, then spin the second spinner, and then add the two numbers together.  They record the number sentence on the recording sheet.  Easy peasy.  I included pictures of the candy hearts in the spinner for the sweet babies that need to count 'em up, but I will encourage others to count on with their fingers or use the facts they already know.  You could also give them some candy hearts to count up if you're feeling up to it.  :)  Just click on the picture to download a free copy and feel free to leave me a comment if you enjoy it!  Happy Friday!

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