Sunday, May 19, 2013

Roll 3 and Add Freebie...Also Known as, "Quick! I need another math tub!"

Hey there, bloggerland.  I am getting myself ready to reteach and reassess math skills before our final report card, and I needed one more thing for my math tubs this week.  I needed something quick and easy, but still useful and fun.  Along with Braille playing card cards I also have some Braille dice for my student who is blind.  So I made this very quick and simple Roll 3 and Add game for my firsties.  Feel free to click on either of the pictures if you can use it too.  Of course it will be extra awesome, because most of the students will be using the giant foam dice... they just love those things.  Don't you love how first graders are easy to please sometimes.  ;)

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