Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring has Sprung...Pictures and a Craftivity!

So, today my students were using all of the plastic egg activities that I talked about in my last blog post, and they were all having so much fun.  Well, all of them except that one student who was busy trying to wipe off the marker from the egg.  I know you know who that is, cause you have a student just like it.  ;)  Anyway, I had to share a couple of pictures with you guys of the math tub activities.  The first two are how I store my math tubs each week (except they are not usually in Easter baskets of course), and then the other pictures are the tubs in action.


If you want to buy these activities from TpT store to use this week or the week after Easter, click here.  :)

This week we are also working on our Spring Chick Craftivity in my follow directions center.  Because we don't have time to spend during the day devoted to just doing a craft with the kiddos, then we incorporate them into the read and follow directions center.  One of our student expectations is that they are able to read and follow written directions with picture clues, so this fits right in.  Here is a picture of how I set that up in my classroom.


Last year, my teaching partner and I wrote up all of these activities, and now I have a cardboard box that was meant for borders that I store all the sentence strips in and a file folder crate with hanging files that I store the examples and hard copies in.  It is a beautiful thing having them done for every week of the year, let me tell you.  I have made two or three new ones this year, but for the most part, this is one center that I praise the Lord for that I don't have to think too hard about.  Whew!!!!  Plus the kids get to spend time coloring, cutting, gluing, creating, etc....all the stuff they need and love to do. 

The science and writing portions of the activity will be done in the writing center or during science or writing instruction time.  This packet comes with colored and black-and-white versions of a chicken's life cycle and an organizer to order them.  It comes with a planning page for writing about the three stages.  It has a half-sheet and a whole-sheet publishing page to write about the stages of the life cycle.  Then it has the templates for creating the Spring Chick to go with their writing.  This is perfect for Easter time or for spring time when most curriculums cover life science.  If you were doing it away from Easter time, they could just make the shells of the egg white or brown.   I just have them make it more festive in honor of the holiday.  :)  Click on the preview below to purchase your copy of this craftivity in my TpT store, and please comment if you have any questions or feedback.  Enjoy!

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