Monday, March 18, 2013

Math and Literacy with a Basket of Eggs.....Plus a Freebie!

I just love when I can use one thing a million different ways.  I made Reagan's fabulous Phon-eggs and it got me to thinking...what else can I do with plastic eggs.  I typically have four math tubs a week, and the kids catch up or do free centers on Friday.  I also have various amounts of literacy centers each week.  My goal was to make four math and four literacy activities, and I did it!  Success!  One of the activities is available below as a freebie, but you can get all eight centers here in my TpT store.  Plus if you buy it today or tomorrow, you can get it for half-price.  Score!  The math tubs include: "Eggspanded" Notation (matching the number and the expanded notation written on the top and bottom halves of the eggs), "Eggsact" Change (counting coins inside the egg), "Eggstraordinary" Math Facts (matching addition facts written on eggs), and Time to "Hatch" (reading the analog clocks inside the eggs).  The literacy centers include: "Eggstra, Eggstra!" Read all About It! (writing prompts inside eggs with writing paper), "Eggcellent" Compound Words (matching base words written on the tops and bottoms of the eggs to make compound words), Nouns and Verbs Are so "Eggciting" (reading the words inside the eggs and recording as either a noun or a verb), "Scrambled" Word Wall Words which is described in detail below, as it is available for a freebie.  All of the activities have cover pages and recording sheets.

I already have some easter baskets that I got at the good ol' Dollar Tree, and I bought a bunch of the cheap colorful eggs from Wal-Mart.  Mostly  I bought a bunch of the smallish, regular sized eggs, but I did get some of the larger eggs too.  I used the larger eggs for this freebie literacy activity, because they hold the magnet letters better. 

For this activity, you can put either magnet letters or paper letters inside the eggs.  The letters should spell a word from your word wall when it is "unscrambled".  (hehe)  Once the kids have the word wall word figured out, they will record it on the recording sheet.  You can either make 9 or 18 eggs, as I have the recording sheets for both.  I made 18, cause I have some super fast, super smart firsties that need the extra challenge.  :)  Click on the picture below to grab this freebie for your classroom, and don't forget...comments=love. :) 

 Last, I wanted to share a picture of what my firsties got when they got back from spring break today.  They were so excited, and it made our first day back so much more fun!  Have a great week!

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