Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sweet Treats Read and Write the Room: A Hunt for Words With ee and ea

Well, this week our curriculum has us teaching long e spelled ee and ea.  Last year my teammate and I did a different activity, because we were using a different curriculum.  It came up in a different time of the year, so what we had in our plans wasn't going to work. So...I decided to make another one of my favorites: Read and Write the Room!!! I made it with Valentine's Day themed sweet treats to coincide with the season.  I know my kids will love it, because we are BIG fans of read and write the room anything.  You can read here if you want to know how we do this activity in my classroom.  This one is a small activity, but super cute, so I am putting it on TpT for only $1.00.  Click on the preview picture to grab yourself a copy!

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