Sunday, January 20, 2013

ABC Order Freebie and More Mystery Pictures!!!

Yippee!  I FINALLY finished my Valentine's Themed Hundreds Chart Picture Packet.  I have to sit and play around with those things forever until I can make my vision come out on the chart.  I think they are just as adorable as my Christmas Hundreds Chart Mystery Pictures, and I know my students are going to love them.  We use them for morning work while the kids are eating breakfast in the classroom.  They love to find the mystery picture, and I love to watch them try and figure it out as they going along.  See the preview below to get a peek at the eight different designs.  You can get a copy for your class at my TpT by clicking on the preview picture below.  

Meanwhile, my students are also learning how to put things in alphabetical order.  I made this little game for them to practice this skill during centers.  It is going to be a part of a larger TpT packet, but I have the game by itself for you to download by clicking on the picture below.  :)  Yay for freebies!!!  I liked all of the ABC order activities that already have, but once the students order the cards in those they are done.  This game is different, because it can be played over and over again for continued practice during center time.  To play ABC Order Grab Bag you start by printing out the picture/word cards, laminating them, and putting them in a gift bag (or a paper bag).    Then students shake the bag, pick out 6 cards and put them in alphabetical order.  Then they record the words in order on the recording sheet and draw a picture to go with each word.  They can play again and again, because there are 48 cards and they only draw out 6 at a time.  They will get new cards each time!  They have open-ended fun, and I am free to see guided reading groups.  Hope you enjoy!

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