Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Remove Permanent Marker or Dry Erase Marker!

I see pins all the time about how to remove marker, but I never click on them.  That's because I already  have the answer to that nagging question.  :)  About 13 years ago I worked at a daycare.  All of the kids brought bottles of sunscreen, so that we could put it on them for outside play.  Of course we labeled all the bottles with a sharpie as they arrived, so that we would put the right kind on the right child.  The problem was, the names always rubbed off after a few applications.  I tested my theory that the sunscreen on my hands was the culprit, and sure enough I was right!  Ever since, I have used sunscreen to remove permanent marker from all kinds of things.  This works great if kids move in the middle of the year.  I can just wipe their names off of laminated name tags, book box labels, and posters.  Then I write any new student's name in their place.  Also, I used to write on the desk nameplates before I laminated them.  Sure enough, I always messed up at least one.  Now I laminate first, and then if I mess up, I can just wipe it right off.  This has worked on any smooth surface that I have tried it on, plastic bottles, laminated surfaces, dry erase boards, student desks, kidney table, etc.  It also works like a charm for dry erase markers that didn't quite erase all the way.  I often laminate game boards, and let students use markers, but after a while the dry erase leaves a red, blue, black, or green film on them.  I tell the kids that it is my magic potion, and they are in awe.  :)  I just squeeze a drop of sunscreen on a tissue without letting them see the bottle and wipe it away.  Now the pictures show Hawaiian Tropic, but it has worked with other kinds as well.  I just bought this one, because it was small, cheap, and fit in my purse.  (I also use it when I'm stuck out in the Texas sun during the summer unexpectedly, because I will burn faster than you can say boo.)  It only takes a small amount.  I have been using this teeny travel sized one from Target since last year.  I hope you find this as useful as I do!


  1. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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    1. You're welcome. Glad you found it enjoyable. :)