Friday, August 8, 2014

Five for Friday! Holla!

Hey y'all...I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another edition of...

Can I get a Holla!!

Check out some of the great things I bought at the big TpT sale earlier this week.  I got Clutter Free Classroom's Hand Signal Signs.  I've been using hand signals, but these graphics are just too perfect.  I got Jen Jones hello fonts, task cards from Teaching with a Mountain View, and 4mula Fun's Commercial License for the flippable templates.  I can't wait to start creating with those babies!  Also, I am hoping that Schroeder Shenanigans in Second's Blo(r)ganized pack will help me make (and more importantly KEEP) some creating and blogging goals this year.  I MUST do better.  Okay...full confession...this is only a portion of my purchases this week.  I may or may not have filled my cart FOUR times.  Ah, was worth it!  I got several clip art sets, digital papers, Pond Fonts from Graphics from the Pond, and added more licenses for my KG fonts.  Eventually I had to stop because I.  Wanted.  It.  All.  For realz though.!/MsWilsonsWolves?sk=insights

So, I am doing a superhero theme in my classroom this year, and I wanted some décor that had more than just red, blue, and yellow so that I could continue to use my current table colors and caddies.  I decided that I would get myself a set of superhero clipart and make some flair pieces to match just what I wanted and needed.  One thing I did was buy several different black-and-white patterned borders, and when I can start setting up my room next week I will start with those and black paper.  Then I will add colorful tissue paper poofs, and I am going to print some of these flags to mix and match and string together for little banners.  I decided it would be a good idea for me to create my Facebook Fan Freebie tab!!!!  (Lord have mercy...that was some work.  I was having technical difficulties.)  Can I get another Holla!!!  Anywho, these cutie patootie banner flags are there for your downloading pleasure.  I would LOVE it if you would like me on Facebook and invite your teacher blogging friends to do the same.  I only have 9 likes, because I have NOT been using it, but that is about to change.
So I made this activity back in ummm February.  I never did get around to adding the cover page and credits so that I could put it in my little shop.  Today, I finished it up and it is for sale right now...just click here or on the pic!  Yay!  I'm putting it on sale for 20% off for the next two days since I missed the sale.  If you teach 5th grade math in Texas this is something you can use...I PROMISE.  Our students have such trouble with the 5.12 B TEKS that says use experimental results to make predictions, and so that is exactly what they practice using this fun, hands-on, activity!  They spin the spinners various amounts of times (on the booklet page directions) and they tally the results.  Then they make a fraction to describe the results. (TEKS 5.12A). After that, they use their fractions to make predictions by setting up equivalent fractions.  My students REALLY enjoyed doing this last year, and I know it helped some of them GET.IT...ya know what I mean?  Now, I'm sorry...I'm not sure about you common core folks, but if it does meet one of the CC standards, I'd love for you to tell me which one in the comments.  It looked like maybe they did this kind of thing in 7th grade, but of course then the numbers were more complicated.  I don't know...I only speak TEKS.
I took a road trip to Blue Bell factory with my munchkin, my momma, and her friend from college who was in town for a visit.  It was H.E.C.T.I.C. let me tell you, but that free scoop of Magic Cookie Bar ice cream made the waiting soooo worth it.  Ohmygoodness Yum!!  I really enjoyed the little tour, and now when I see Blue Bell in the freezer case at the store I want it even more.  I might have bought some from HEB the next day.  #igotnosugaraddedchocolate #itsnotasgoodasmagiccookiebar

Last, but not least, we got some new little patio furniture on sale.  I love it.  :)  (BTW...ignore the crazy paint job...they are in the process of painting our apartment complex.  They will come back for trim and doors later.)  We sat out there and enjoyed coffee the other morning.  It's the little things y'all.  Well...I'm off to enjoy my last *sniffle* weekend of summer.  Let the work begin full force on MONDAY! 


  1. I love your patio furniture. I bought a cheap little set at Big Lots and put a fun bright cushion on it...out here in southern cal it doesn't rain much. So glad I found your blog! Cute spinners by the way!~
    Teaching and Much Moore

  2. Thanks, Vicky. I should add some cushions to my patio chairs, and they will be super cheap on clearance now since summer is ending!