Thursday, April 3, 2014

Currently....Testing Season

It's time to link up with the super funny Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for another month of Currently!  Are you in test mode like me???

Listening: Y'all...It is 8:00 am on a school day, and I am listening to the glorious sounds of nothing!  Isn't that the best thing you've ever heard?  We had STAAR tests on Tuesday and Wednesday, but today I took a personal day.  WooHoo!!!  I never take true personal days, but today I did.  My daughter and I are going to go out to breakfast, go shopping, go see Divergent, and maybe take some bluebonnet pics on the side of the road.  It is going to be amazing!!!

Loving: I am loving my math center activities that I made for my 5th graders.  They did them on Monday as a review before the big day of some basic skills, and let me tell you it was good.  They enjoyed them, but even better than that I got information.  I saw some things we still need to work on for division and some things they've forgotten about decimals.  Let me just say, I will be spiraling those things in over the next few weeks.  There are six, super easy-prep centers to do with dice and cards.  Usually I glue my centers to file folders and laminate, but this time I was in a rush so I just slipped them into page protectors.  That made it even easier.  You can click here or the pic below to check them out in my store.  There are several pics of them in action below. (Ignore that 10 card in the thousandths place decimal picture...I forgot to take them out at first.  We fixed it.  Whoops! LOL)

Thinking: I am thinking that there are only a couple of weeks left before the science STAAR test.  We need to finish up life science and review, review, review!  I will be using my Electric Circuit Task Cards, and I'm hoping to make some other things as well to practice the things they are really struggling with.

Wanting: I am wanting some more cutie patootie antique toolboxes or other antique boxes to put stuff in like this one that my mom gave me.  I put some games in it that we play regularly, and I love it!!!  We used to keep the games in the closet.  Now they are close at hand, but don't make it look messy.  Maybe we'll hit up an antique store today while we're out.  :)

Needing: I am needing my math STAAR test results.  I was anxious the last few weeks for how my kids would do, but know I just need to know.  I.Can't.Stand.The.Waiting.  #idontdodelayedgratification

Hours and Last Day: My contract hours are from 7:10-3:40, and my students hours are 7:40-2:40.  Can I just say reading everyone's currently this month has made me really jealous of some of your schedules.  Why is my required day so long?  Of course, I also work later than that most of the time, but I am getting better about letting things go until the next day so I can go home!  Our last day of school is June 6th now because of weather make-up days.  And then we have a teacher workday the following Monday.  I'm still debating about whether to apply for summer school.  I have done it for two years, and I could use the money, but I want a nice long summer.  We'll see....

That's all for this month's I must get out and enjoy this day.  :)



  1. I love the antique toolbox idea! So smart! Hope you enjoy your day off! You deserve it after all that testing! Your math centers look like a lot of fun! I am sure the kids loved them!


  2. Thanks! I didn't find any more that I could afford. So sad. I find them, but they are usually over $50. I just can justify that. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hopped on over to your blog. Seeing that you have the STAARS test for science coming up. We don't have that test in Wisconsin, but I sure am using some of the ideas I have found on line to help my science kiddos. I teach science K-5. I found this link today... and

    Renee at The Science School Yard

    1. Thanks, Renee! I will definitely check those out. :)

  4. Hi! Everyone needs a personal day sometimes....and it sounds like you deserved it! I hope you had a great day off with your daughter! I also really like your math centers! Glad I came across your blog! Cannot wait to read more!


  5. Those centers with playing cards look awesome! I am always on the lookout for how I can use dice, but I could pull out the playing cards to spice things up even more in math! Wishlisted it and pinned it :)