Sunday, March 2, 2014

Currently...5 School Days from Spring Break!!!!

Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh...  It is only 5 school days away.  Actually only 4 days for me, because we have a grade-level planning day on Wednesday.  I can smell the fresh air, Starbucks sit-ins, and I-finally-have-time-for-home-cooking days coming my way.  How about you?

And now....It's time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently...March!!!
Listening: Are you guys as excited as I am about Scandal being back?  I LOVE it!!!  I had to DVR it, because this week has been crazy, but I am finally getting to watch it.  Soooo good!
Loving: I am loving my new fraction anchor charts, and I promised I'd share them on the blog this week.  Here they are in all their glory:

Anybody have suggestions to keep them from fading?  The sun in my room is doing a doozy on them already, and it's only been a couple of weeks.  (The blinds are closed already, so that is not helping.  I was hoping I could keep them for a little while, but now I'm not sure they will last.  Help!!!)
Thinking:  Spring Break is sooo close.  I want those days of recuperation so badly.  It has been a stressful year, a year of chaos in my mind.  I need days to get my thoughts in order, my files in order, my plans in order, because our math standardized test is just around the corner.  I have got to do my students justice, and I need time for myself in order to make that happen. 
Wanting: My "running" shoes are getting a hole, and my big toe is going to pop out the top of one of them soon.  Heading to the outlet malls during spring break to find some more.  I call them "running" shoes, because I jog...barely.  But I'm trying.  See the needing section for more...
Needing: Working out is new for me.  I have been going to the gym regularly since the beginning of January...until last week.  Last week was insane.  Today's the day to get back in the game.  I have TONS of work to do in the get healthy department, but I am trying.  I am doing couch to 5K, which for most people is a program that progresses a little more each week.  My progress happens at a much slower pace.  I have repeated week 2 one time, and week 3 two times, and I think I'm going to be on week 3 for a while yet.  It is hard when you are as out of shape as I am, but I am trying.  And...I.Am.Not.Giving.Up.Dammit.  This is what I keep telling myself anyway.  That's why I must get myself to the gym.  TODAY!
???: And now the question category.  My answer is Vitamin Water Zero.  Any guesses?
Enjoy your March teacher friends!


  1. The question might be-
    What is my favorite drink?
    Happy March!

    1. Close...combine your answer with Claire's below and we are about as close as we'll get I think. It's my favorite thing to drink after I work's what keeps me going during the whole thing. :) Thanks for reading and for guessing!

  2. I just got some new running shoes. I suggest Nike Free 4.0! It's like you're wearing nothing on your feet and they bend so easily when your rolling your foot. Just a great feel!

    Those anchor charts are adorable! I wish my handwriting was more unique and cutesy!

    First Grade Nest

    1. Thanks for the shoes tip...I will definitely try some on when I go shopping! Also, my handwriting is a hot mess. I should have clarified that I type all my charts and then project and trace them so that they are spaced correctly and look decent. :)

  3. I'm currently on winter break and "thinking" how I don't want it to end. Is your question….What do I drink when I workout?

    1. Close...combine your answer with Amy's above and we are about as close as we'll get I think. It's my favorite thing to drink after I work's what keeps me going during the whole thing. :) Thanks for reading and for guessing!