Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beginning of School Classroom Tour (a little late)

Okay, so I know that it's almost October, but I also know that no one is reading my blog. (yet)  So, I'm going to backtrack and post a tour of my classroom from right before school started. 

This is the view from the door of my classroom as you first walk in.  I love my blue wall, but I think they are going to paint it white next summer.  :(

This is the view of my student desks from about the center of the classroom. 

Here is a close up of the welcome packet each family gets on back to school night.  Got the cute "O-Fish-ally" tags for free from here.  My coworker gave me the idea of just folding up a large sheet of construction paper and stapling it to make the folder.  Much easier and cheaper than pocket folders or file folders. 

I'm sorry for the blur...didn't realize that I hadn't gotten a clear picture.  You get the idea though.  Writing table and soon to be made writing wall above it.  Calendar area with a poster-sized version from Cara Caroll's calendar companion which you can buy's worth it!  I also have a free number line from A Day in First Grade.  Pick up one for yourself here.  It is perfect for firsties!

This is from the same spot as the last one, but looking to the right.  In the middle of my room you see my four math tubs, and then my cubby shelf which holds math manipulatives and word work materials.  The back shelves hold other various center supplies (white boards, ABC arcs, boxes of letter tiles, baggies of plastic letters, phonics stamps, etc.)

Here is the view to the right.  My teacher table, my student computer,  and my class library.  Behind my teacher table is my CAFE board. 

This is a closer view of my class library.  Some of the baskets are leveled, and then some are grouped by book series or content as well.

Behind my teacher table is my storage for desk supplies, awards, treasure box, textbook materials, decodable readers, binders, lesson plan and guided reading plan crates.  My crates are where I store all my copies and plans for the week.

Last, here's the view as you are going out of the room.  You see my filing cabinets and my (hideously-sponge-painted-by-some-unknown-previous-owner) blue bookcase.   I just haven't taken the time to paint it over again.  On that shelf I have my student's browsing boxes where they will keep their required reading textbooks and their books from my classroom library that are currently checked out. 

I know I always LOVE to peek into other classrooms for ideas and inspiration.  I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what I've done with my little space. :)


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  2. I like your library and GR table area. I've never thought of sectioning off the room with shelves. It would solve the problem of some kidlets always looking out the door. Thanks for posting the photos!

  3. You're welcome. It does help them concentrate I think. :)